Pear Onion Goat Cheese Crostata

Pear Onion Goat Cheese Crostata

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Need a Thanksgiving appetizer? CROSTATA is an Italian word for a hand rolled pie. We use our homemade dough and roughly roll it out, letting it decide the shape.  We then fill it with delightful fresh ingredients to dazzle your taste buds then carefully fold the edge of the dough "in" to encase all that goodness.

OUR #1 BEST SELLING Crostata is the Pear, Onion, Goat Cheese.  Fresh pears, Sauteed Onion, chunks of fresh Goat Cheese and topped with walnuts.

We make it fresh for you each market!

Serves 4-6

We offer this item baked fresh or the market or take-n-bake.

        DHEC vs. SC Cottage Law- we use our privately owned DHEC approved/inspected kitchen.  DHEC requires we allow them access for inspection, maintain temperature control for products, follow strict cleaning requirements which include properly cleaning all bowls, utensils, pans in a three bowl sink and be pet/smoke free.